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SD/XD File Loader


The utility provides a wizard like approach to load small to medium sized MDL SD files and MDL XD files into an Oracle database utilizing MDL Direct molecule cartridge.  All steps necessary for a successful load of data, including easy to use field mapping, data validation prior to registration and editing of incorrect data items can be performed. Work in progress can be saved, thus allowing editing without actual registration operations. Various reports can be created for both the registration process and application events.

 Key features

  • Support for  all major languages
  • Easy to use field mapping
  • Supports 1:n relations for both MDL SD file and MDL XD files
  • Supports hierarchical datasets
  • Validation of alphanumeric data items based on database dictionary information and language settings used
  • All data items that failed in the validation/registration step are associated with meaningful error information visible in user interface
  • Easy editing of errors in a grid view
  • User input for correcting errors is validated against database dictionary
  • Work in progress can be saved any time prior to registration
  • Transaction handling
  • Various log files can be created to log information about registration process and application events
  • Tool tip help
  • Customizable colorcoding of data items
  • Grid statistics

 Mapping database fields to input file fields 

Mapping does not require any typing 
Mappings can be saved 
Validation of mapping process

Preregistration - Allow browsing/editing before actual registration step

 Editing work can be saved without registration
Problems are visualized using customizable colorcoding and sortable status columns
Every incorrect data item has error information associated
Data dictionary information for every field in grid
Validation of user input

 Postregistration - Provide information about results of registration of all records in input file.

Customizable colorcoding of registration results
Error messages available both for complete record and all associated sub records
No sublevel inserts in case of failures on all level of hierarchy
Failed respectively refused records can be saved for further editing work
Grid statistics allow easy inspection of results for all records in input file

If you like to learn more about the program you can start (only for fast internet connections) or download (unzip the download file and start the html file) the following Flash demo movies.

  • Short (5 minutes) movie that demonstrate the main features of the program.

  • Movie that demonstrate all features of the program (takes approximate 10 minutes).

If you want to try the program with your own data, please ask for an evaluation license.

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