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 for MS Excel
miner3D.excel translates Excel data into interactive 3D information space with data immersion, visual navigation, analysis, datamining, filtering, cherry-picking, charting and reporting.
DIMENSION 5 develops Miner3D

Excel is great, but there a limits if you cannot draw real multi-dimensional graphs. Miner3D is an add-on to Excel to solve difficult questions.

  • Of 10'000 compounds, which have undergone up to 500 tests, which one should be promoted? - Solution is a multidimensional graph using sliders.
  • Which crystals structures belong to the same domain? - Solution is a multidimensional graph using 3 coordinates (3), color (4) and shape (as the 5th dimension).
  • Show me the influence of temperature, time, pressure, concentration, and additive on the behavior of catalysts. - Solution is showing 6 multi-dimensional graphs next to each other (trellis charts), changing on parameter all graphs change simultaneously.
  • Where is the most traffic in my computer network? - Solution is that the change of data can be shown in real time.
AKos GmbH resells for Miner3D. If you need help, please contact us.

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