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SDFile Viewer

This program is very useful for looking at very large text or SDFiles. Very often you need to know what are the fieldnames in the SDFiles, or you want to locate a record where your program crashed. Have you ever tried to manipulate an ascii file with over 100MB? This is slow work. The TSDFile Viewer is a very useful utility for handling these kind of problems.


The SDfile viewer was developed by Dr. Peter Zbinden, and he offers this small tool to help you to look at large SDFiles. If you find this program useful, please buy it by sending 30 Euro to:

Account number:292-IQ 105 718.0
IBAN: CH25 0029 2292 IQ10 5718 0
Beneficiary: Alexander Kos, Postfach 141, CH-4010 Basel
Bank Name: UBS AG
Branch Name: Aeschenvorstadt 1
Euro Account
Swiss MWST Nr.: 515 061

Download the zipfile.